Specialists in professional and clinical negligence claims, Been Let Down (BLD) is a Bond Turner brand, servicing customers who have suffered negligence at the hands of professionals.

With an ambition to drive online visibility in a competitive market, Ingenuity Digital were brought onboard to support with a full-service digital campaign. Through a combination of SEO, PPC and CRO, our experts focus on increasing the quality of leads generated to improve direct acquisition 

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    Bond Turner (Been Let Down)

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increase in organic visibility


increase in total keyword footprint 


increase in keywords ranking in positions 1-3 in SERPs


point increase in DA


YOY organic traffic increase to the website


increase in YOY new users to the website


links acquired at an average DA of 43


increase to Professional Negligence conversions


average overall CTR


average CPCs


overall CvR


increase to light box contact form conversion rate


increase in average number of pages viewed per session


increase in average session duration

  • Increase online leads for ‘Professional’ and ‘Medical Negligence’

  • Improve organic visibility, rankings and traffic

  • Improve efficiencies by reducing cost per acquisition (CPA)

  • Increase conversion rate

What we did
  • SEO

    To boost organic growth and rankings, the three pillars of SEO – onsite technical optimisation, content and authority – were put into practice.  

    Starting with the technical, we swiftly recognised a site-wide restructure was needed to create a solid organic foundation to build upon. Using our 100+ point checklist, we audited their site’s technical performance. Spotting opportunities for improvement, the site structure was optimised, reducing content duplication, improving semantic relevance of key areas and promoting their key medical and professional negligence pages.  

    Considering various factors which affect ranking signals, the team also optimised onsite metadata including title tags and descriptions. Through thiswe ensured search engines could now find and map BLD’s pages to rank better in the SERPs.  

    Our technical audit also revealed the need for more optimised onsite content. Operating in a Your Money Your Life (YMYL) industry, content was required that would demonstrate their expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Beginning with extensive keyword research and analysis, we identified phrases with the greatest ranking potential, ensuring their site and content was in top condition to rank highly on search engines. Taking this insight and combining it with the experience of our copywriters and Google’s Search Evaluator Guidelines, we created SEO optimised content that answers both search intent and increases organic visibility. 

    Targeted outreach was the final piece of the organic puzzle to not only grow individual page authority, but also increase the site’s overall DA. Link building into medical negligence pages was a priority to bolster the site’s power and close the link gap in order to improve the visibility of ranking URLs. Taking this approach to SEO, we were able to significantly increase the site’s overall keyword footprint and progress the ranking evolution of all targeted campaign keywords.  

  • PPC

    To make efficiencies and improve the CPAs of Medical and Professional Negligence leads, we created a mix of automated and manual bidding strategies focusing on ad copy development alongside negative keyword optimisations.  

    Working in synergy with our SEO team, keyword research identified those which convert but don’t yet rank well organically to prioritise and expand what keywords we targeted in their PPC campaigns. Negative keyword lists and optimisations were used to improve the current traffic, while manual CPCs were used on broad and exact match variants of the top-performing professional negligence keywords.  

    We revised the ad copy for their medical and professional negligence campaigns, conducting A/B testing to uncover the best performing variants. Responsive Text Ads have been implemented across all account areas to make further improvements to ad copy.  

    To create a more accurate picture of campaign performance, the team migrated the BLD account from linear to a position-based attribution model. This model gives 40 percent of credit to both the first and last click, before distributing the remaining 20 percent among other clicks to ensure performance reporting is reflective of contributing factors. 

    Always one to keep an eye on the competition, regular Auction Insight reports are provided to show changes in competitors’ impression share. Smart Bidding was also implemented to maximise opportunities and optimise conversions through PPC. The team are in the progress of account restructuring, splitting out ad groups into separate campaigns and keywords into separate ad groups for optimum performance.

  • CRO

    CRO tactics have been implemented to not only increase BLD’s conversion rate but also improve the overall aesthetic of the website. Working alongside our connected web development agency, Pinpointour CRO and development efforts were aligned to make crucial improvements to the website’s user experience.  

    Changes have been made to their homepage, navigation, quick contact lightbox and ‘Can I sue?’ page including a cleaner and more professional design to reduce distractions and create easily identifiable CTAs. Turning their navigation menu from a top-level category list to a powerful multi-tiered nav bar, users can now easily navigate the site and find specific content relevant to them. CRO has successfully delivered an increase in lead generation with all UX changes improving the website’s look and feel alongside generating a strong ROI 

don’t just take our word for it

Ingenuity Digital are a key factor in delivering competitive advantage. The results speak for themselves and we are delighted to have them as part of our team. The support they provide is pivotal to us delivering our objectives and we look forward to building on what we have delivered to date. The team bring experience and intellect and are a pleasure to work with.

Stephen Webster Group Head of Marketing